Sunday, August 28, 2011

365 Challenge? Whaaat?!

Ok, so I think I might be a little bit crazy. I was surfing the interweb the other day for thought provoking questions to use during training with my new student activities team for use during a get to know you activity. My search efforts proved to be fruitful and I ended up stumbling upon a great little site that started to make the wheels in my melon move. Here's the site....check it out. On the site it has 365 thought provoking questions; essentially one for every day of the year. The author did such a great job coming up with out of the box questions that I felt the need to consider blogging about these questions, and possibly...*gasp* dare I say it, answer a different question every day..? Nooo, thats just crazy talk because lets be honest here people, I dont have the time to blog every single day which is why Im so far behind on my lovely little "to blog" list, let alone take the time to think about answering a "thought provoking question" on top of all of the other cool shit I do. But....for you, I think I will give it a try, just for shits and giggles because you know I'll do anything for entertainment. Forgive me if at the end of the week I end up answering 5-7 questions but I'm going to give it a try even if it means playing catch up...and just like a new years resolution, if in two months from now I have ceased to continue answering these questions well... just chalk it up to the fact that its the American way. I really like the idea of having to think a little bit more about things in my life, not sure why I feel the need but whatever I dont always have to make sense. So here it goes....
First question...
When was the last time you tried something new?
-Today actually; I went mountain biking up in Capital Forest. It was great, and my bike got a good beating from the trail. I had never been biking up there before so it was a pretty sweet new experience for me. Currently, my sit bones are all colors of the rainbow, or at least they feel that way, which makes sitting here blogging slightly uncomfortable. I blame all of the bumps, stumps and the lack of my diaper like gel cycling shorts.

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