Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Miss Chloe Cupcakes

I would like to take a moment to introduce Miss Chloe Cupcakes, my cat also known as a sneaky little Bitch. She enjoys fish flakes, dehydrated chicken, sleeping on chests and burrowing in drawers. Oh and we cant forget that she likes to pet your face with her paws while youre trying to read or sleep. Shes a rescue, I saved her from the nicest place to adopt a loveable, furry bed hog its called Feline Friends. Ive had her for about a year now, her previous name was Courtney. Courtney is a dumb name for a cat, so she was promptly renamed a C name, so she wouldnt be confused of course and thus Chloe Cupcakes was born. This picture was taken after I neglected to close my pajama drawer all the way, she decided that she needed to take some clothes out (by throwing them out using an incredible Hulk like force with her paws) so she could make room to burrow in; I told you she was a jerk.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I shall call this a mini venture...

Cheers!! to the start of a new mini venture, which is really just another day in the life of myself, only this time..Im blogging!!
I signed up to blog, thinking that I had something interesting to say, because well, normally I have lots of interesting things to say, even more after a few drinks, but thats neither here nor there at this time. Then I started thinking about how much I enjoy talking to and about myself and figured that a blog would be a perfect place for me to put some brain droppings, and not feel like Im being a conversation hog or worse THAT girl who talks to herself..So here goes nothin, this is my attempt at entertaining myself using my own little piece of the internet.